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Winners » February 2007 Casino Wins » February 2, 2007.

Slotland Online Casino January Winner's List.

We are already entering the second month of the year and still have not uncovered Slotland's first progressive jackpot winner, so the pot continues to build with current value of $136,488! With this upcoming promotion and such a bulging jackpot, we think this is a great weekend to do your best to break open the first jackpot of the year. Meanwhile, along with Slotland's regular share of daily winners, we offer usual list of last month's lucky winners at Slotland online casino below:

The last monthly promotion occurred during the weekend of January 6-7, and Slotland's players made the best of some very good deals. Here are the results of this promotional weekend:

First, on Saturday, January 6, players joined in on the fun and profitable 10-20-25 Bonus promotion. Deciding how much of a bonus you want has never been easier than this! If you made a deposit of less than $100, a 10% bonus was automatically added to your account; a deposit of $100 earned a cool and automatic 20% bonus, while a $200 deposit dropped a rich 25% bonus into your player account! At the end of this great promotion, Slotland casino's players made the best of it and grabbed more than $12,000 in bonuses!

Then, on Sunday, January 7, players were guaranteed a minimum of 10% bonuses on each deposit. We mentioned a MINIMUM of 10% bonuses, because with this promotion there were also two random hours where the bonus was boosted. During one of those random hours, all deposits were rewarded with a 20% bonus; during the other random hour, an astonishing 50% bonus was tacked on to each and every deposit made during that special, unknown hour! Slotland's smart and lucky players made the most of this promotion, as more than $11,000 in bonuses ended up in their players' accounts!

In addition to the above list of winners, the casino performed its monthly $lotland Gift drawing and selected 50 players who had made deposits during the promotional weekend to receive a FREE $lotland gift. Additionally, any player who had made deposits totalling $500 or more automatically won a $lotland gift item! Overall, there were 90 players who received a FREE $lotland gift, and here are their names: 1054, 109WANKA3, 22748, 331445RD, ALF12, ANGEL_BUG, ANGELIC56, ANSONIA, AUNTYQ, BABS1KIRA, BADAS50, BANANA234, BARBPAP, BDECICCO4, BEASTY133393, BJD, BOBS, BROWNEESHA, BRYAN61, CAN0401, CAR429, CBAD1989, CFITZGERALD, CHAROO, CHERRIBLU, CINSTRITE, CLARA427, CLUELESS, DEBBIEKOZY, DEBBIEO, DIARL63, DSAR, DUCKIEDAZE, ERIKAPAUL, ESCORTSU, EUDOXIA, GAUGEZERO, GGKEV, GIDGET920, GODDESST, GREG121414, HASHMOON, HERCULES, INDYJADE, J_27722JYBASS, JAYEBIRD, JAYUSA1, JOHNA01516, JOSEPH604, JULIEBOOLIE, LADYCAASH, LALAYDIE, LAUNDOG, LJMIDD, LORMANLADY, MABTNG, MADDIE, MAILADY, MARYJO, MDFJEF, MELLOCELLO, MINGERL, MMMINFL, MOISREAL1, MSLETHGO, NEWREMOTE, NUNGALL, PAHLAVI, PATTYH, PEEKABO7, PPLUE, RAYNALZEA, RERE0607, RYANSBOBCIELC, SABUANDME22, SAMCYN, SANDERABBIT, SCRAPPER61, SJJNAC, SMCM, STRATMAN397, SUSAN10, THREEKIDS, TIGERETT901, TOMRONEY, TUFFY1, TULSATWISTERS, WGARDNER2006, WGIGSTEAD and ZAREN7.

We send congratulations to all of the $lotland winners and look forward to announcing even more winners next month! We appreciate the participation of each player and hope to find your name on the list next month!

Source: Slotland Online Casino

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