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Malaga, Spain - Top Winners, Win Games And Casinos

Spain Here is a summary of winners' data for Malaga, Spain. See the biggest wins, the most popular games and online casinos in Malaga. Winners' data is updated daily.

Quick Stats for Malaga

Known players from Malaga, Spain won a total of $406,720 in 179 wins for the last 5 years with an average single win of some $2,272. See also the statistics for the current year (2022).

Top 12 Online Casino Winners from Malaga

Player Win Game Date Casino
Emilio Rafael P $15,249.26 Sports Bet Jul 27, 2020 Betway Spain
Antonio G $10,257.57 European Roulette Gold Jan 03, 2019 Betway Spain
Belén P $7,985.80 American Roulette 2018 Aug 15, 2019 Betway Spain
Raimondo O $6,470.60 Secret Romance Dec 29, 2017 Betway Casino
Emilio Rafael P $6,036.93 Sports Bet Jul 30, 2020 Betway Spain
Mario L $5,989.69 European Roulette Gold May 24, 2019 Betway Spain
Mario L $5,989.04 Sports Bet May 26, 2019 Betway Spain
Mario L $5,720.26 European Roulette Gold Jun 11, 2019 Betway Spain
Emilio Rafael P $5,475.74 Sports Bet Jul 31, 2020 Betway Spain
Pedro M $5,432.32 Sports Bet Feb 09, 2019 Betway Spain
Cristian A $5,339.26 Sports Bet Oct 22, 2019 Betway Spain
Daniel A $5,287.48 Roulette Jul 31, 2019 Betway Spain

Congratulations to Emilio Rafael P, who managed to win big 4 times. Sports Bet (sports betting) brought the biggest single win.

Most Popular Games by total win in Malaga.

Game Wins Total Win Average Win
Sports Bet Sports Bet 115 $244,155 $2,123.08
Roulette Roulette 18 $41,846 $2,324.82
European Roulette Gold European Roulette Gold 4 $23,425 $5,856.30
Lucky Firecracker Lucky Firecracker 4 $12,533 $3,133.25
roulette American Roulette 2018 3 $12,484 $4,161.57
Secret Romance Secret Romance 3 $9,873 $3,291.33
French Roulette French Roulette 2 $5,379 $2,689.51
Book of Oz Book of Oz 3 $5,179 $1,726.50
The Phantom Of The Opera The Phantom Of The Opera 2 $4,694 $2,347.49
live dealer games Evolution - French Roulette 2 $4,494 $2,247.24

Players from Malaga mostly play slot machines, roulette tables, bet on sports, and other games. Sports Betting dominates in the race. Roulette Games are on the second place.

Top online casinos by total win of players from Spain (Malaga).

Casino Wins Total Win Average Win
Betway Spain 176 $396,846 $2,254.80
Betway Casino 3 $9,873 $3,291.33


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