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2005's Second Jackpot Winner BADLANDMAN Won $49,409 While Playing Wild Heart.

Slotland's second jackpot winner of 2005, BADLANDMAN, won $49,409 on February 10 while playing Wild Heart Progressive Video Poker. The Wild Heart is a variation of the Double Joker video poker with a progressive jackpot and triple play feature. The winner said the following concerning his winnings:

"I have never considered myself a very lucky person, but Slotland changed my mind on that! Actually, I just discovered Slotland late last year, when I was surfing the Internet. I pretty quickly got hooked on it!

While I like slot machines, I have to admit I spend the bulk of my time playing the poker games Slotland offers. I have always loved poker and consider myself a pretty good player. In fact, during the three months I have been playing at Slotland, I am a few hundred dollars ahead of my deposits (well, that was BEFORE the big jackpot... now I am about $50,000 ahead!).

I especially like the graphics of Wild Heart (plus the two wild cards!), so I probably spend more time on that game than any other game at Slotland. One of my favorite things about this game is the monkey that swings on the vine when I win, while the tiger growls. I don't know why, but I really love that! It makes winning even more fun.

As I had a nice winning session earlier in the month, I was feeling pretty good about things and decided to immediately go full bore on my next deposit. So I plunked down $200 and went straight to Wild Heart. My first hand was really encouraging; I was dealt a King and Jack of Hearts along with a wild card. I kept those three cards and was most happy to see a straight flush hit the middle row of cards, for a nice payback of $125 on my $15 bet. That gave me a cushion as my bankroll had already increased by more than 50%!

I played for what seemed like hours, jumping between Jacks or Better, Striking 7s (I hit 4 sevens on a maximum bet for a $2,000 win!) and Wild Heart. I was beginning to lose steam as I was getting tired, but I was really winning like mad and decided to play 100 hands of Wild Heart at maximum bets before retiring for the night. By that time I had over $2,000 in my account, thanks to the 4 sevens in Striking 7s, so I knew that even if I lost EVERY hand, I was way ahead of my $200 deposit. Well, not only did I not lose every hand, it was less than 20 rounds when it happened. A natural Royal Flush of Spades was dealt across all three rows! I have honestly never seen a prettier sight than that!

Needless to say, I was wide awake after that deal. However, I was so nervous and excited that I simply could not play another round of anything. I actually left my computer on all night (not that I slept much!), so I could see it again the next morning.

I am still not sure what I am going to do with all this money, but of course, my wife is going to get a new diamond ring, even though I am a little late for Valentine's Day! Also, I have earmarked $1,000 for each of my two teenage kids as this year's Christmas gift. I will actually get crisp new $20 bills and we will put them in all sorts of envelopes and boxes, so there will be a lot of money for them to dig through! I already have college funds set up for both of them, so this is their fun money. Hmmm, maybe I should give it to them BEFORE Christmas so they can get me something nice! LOL"

Remember, there are winners every day at $lotland, both big and small, as is evidenced by Slotland's Monthly Winner Stories. With three large progressive jackpot winners in the first two months, this is an amazing start to an exciting year.

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