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Scores: Score shows how far the jackpot is grown from it's average hit value in percentage. Min jackpot value has a Score of 0; average hit = Score of 100. The higher the jackpot score the better your odds!

Top 20 Jackpot Scores Right Now

The values of over 1500 jackpots are updated every 5 minutes and ranked, so you can find the best 20 top-SCORED progressive jackpots online right now. Click "Play" to visit online casinos where the corresponding jackpots can be found & won!

Online Jackpot Game Score ▲ Cur. Value Type Soft   Play
Time for a Deal (Playtech) 12349 $13,608.79 VS AG Play
Alices Wonderland (Playtech) 4294 $12,130.13 VS AG Play
Juicy Booty 2774 $3,133.56 VS PT Play
Mega Fortune Dreams Major 514 £281,851.15 VS NE Play
Mega Fortune Dreams Rapid (Betsson) 446 £2,990.00 VS NE Play
Cosmic Fortune Major (Betsson) 429 £48,785.98 VS NE Play
Oasis Bingo (HeartBingo) 426 £8,277.21 B GS Play
Esmeralda 8c 376 $76,698.50 VS CT Play
Cash and Carry MAXI 323 €167,106.47 VS PAF Play
Hall of Gods Mini (Paf) 318 €3,167.00 VS NE Play
Hall of Gods Mini (Cherry) 311 €2,939.00 VS NE Play
Megaquarium (Fair Go) 310 $9,478.42 VS RTG Play
Penny Up 306 €61,917.23 VS PAF Play
Super Lucky Frog Lucky (Betsson) 297 £3,791.00 VS NE Play
La Petite Patisserie 285 €66,186.60 VS PAF Play
Jackpot GT 282 £588,758.50 VS AG Play
Treasure Fair 279 $1,157,163.00 VS 888 Play
Dirty Dancing Baby 267 $3,580.38 VS PT Play
Mystery Cashcano GRAND 267 $1,956.26 VS PG Play
Caribbean Poker 888 261 $550,808.00 CP 888 Play

Game Types: S - Classic Slots, VS - Video Slots, VP - Video Poker, CP - Casino Poker, R - Roulette, BJ - Blackjack, B - Bingo and Lotto, O - Other Games.

To see complete jackpot reviews, probability charts and SCORES, check out all available online progressive jackpots. Reviews of over 1,500 jackpots feature the following information: seeds (min values), average hit values, SCORES, maximum ever wins, number of reels and paylines, bonus features, screenshots and, sure, list of casinos to play, with current bonuses.

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