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Winners » May 2007 Casino Wins » May 7, 2007.

TREASUREBOX12 Takes Two Royal Flushes In One Week In Jackpot Race.

treasurebox b Here is another interesting winner story from the player of Slotland online casino who was hunting for the big jackpot that was occasionally hit by another player. Nevertheless, TREASUREBOX12 managed to win some $600 on his way to the big one... If you recall last month's winner story from TOZE, you will find that this month's story from TREASUREBOX12 also shows how to be a winner even if the jackpot eludes you (this time!):

After reading this month's winner story, nobody could relate more to TOZE then me!

About two months ago, I deposited $100.00 and began playing my favorite game, TREASURE BOX. I played for a while, but really did not hit anything worth talking about. I deposited another $100.00 and dropped $50.00 pretty quickly, so I decided to move on. Because of my small bankroll, I was betting small but doing well. On a $0.50 cent bet playing Jacks or Better, I hit four of a kind twice within 30 minutes. It was not 5 minutes later that I hit a straight flush and then two full houses!

So with about $125.00 in my account by this time, I raised my bets. I started losing my money faster, so I lowered it back to $1.00 per hand. I played for about two hours at $1.00 per hand, again doing quite well. I told myself if I hit a Royal Flush, I would be okay with it. Then I was dealt four cards to a royal and thought "No way!"

Well, it hit. It WOULD of been $171,000... I first just laughed, then cried. I swore to myself I would never play that game again unless I played max bets!

Well, 5 days later I was playing $1.00 per hand and got dealt three cards to a royal. I discarded and hit the royal for the second time in one week! I could not help but smile and be thankful for keeping my winning streak going.

Recently, I deposited $300.00 total and am doing well on TREASURE BOX hitting $600.00 on red ones. I play here because the games get your blood going, but mostly because my next letter will be telling all of you about my Royal Flush with the max bet (I HOPE)! Just goes to show you that here at SLOTLAND, you don't have to be a big time bettor to win big and have fun. Thank you!

Congratulations to TREASUREBOX12 who also shows a positive and winning gambling attitude! And jackpots aside, an extra BIG congratulations for grabbing TWO Royal Flushes in one week's time! WOW!

Source: Slotland Casino

Tags: Treasure Box, Winner Story, Jackpot Winner, Slotland.

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