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Winners » July 2003 Casino Wins » July 10, 2003.

'WILSON3970' Hit Record-Breaking $147,486 Jackpot Playing Golden 8 Slot.

On July 7, 2003, $lotland saw their previous jackpot record of $142,460 (this previous record-breaking jackpot was won way back on November 23, 2000 when PAULM was playing Space Jack) be broken by WILSON3970, who pulled down an astounding $147,486 while playing Golden 8 Online Slot Machine! We had an opportunity to chat with WILSON3970, a retired schoolteacher currently living in Arizona, USA. Below is what she told us about her win:

I have been living in Arizona since I retired from teaching school 5 years ago. A couple of years back, I discovered the fun of online gaming. I tried a few casinos, had reasonable luck, but found most of the casino games boring copies of what I can find when I drove to Las Vegas. However, when I discovered $lotland, I was hooked! Their games are wonderfully different, nothing like I have ever seen before. Their customer service is one of the best I had ever encountered, and I truly felt at home playing at $lotland.

Now, the funny thing is that right when I first discovered $lotland, my two daughters and my three grandchildren had come to Arizona for a family visit. Well, one night the grandkids discovered me in my room playing $lotland, and they got such a kick out of the fact that their Granny was wild and crazy enough to gamble online! They and my two daughters kidded me endlessly during that visit, all being so surprised that I would gamble online.

I took all this as good humor, but I noted to myself that whenever I got a decent win at $lotland, I would share it with my grandkids. Well, last December, I pulled down a wonderful $1,500 cash-in, on a $200 deposit! I sent each of my three grandkids a check for $250, with the following note: "Your Granny may be crazy and wild, but thanks to Granny and Slotland, here's a small gift for you!" You can just imagine the response I got from all three of my grandchildren. Yes, they still teased me about gambling at $lotland, but I was beginning to think that they thought better of my interest in gambling online.

Well, since December I had been hot and cold at $lotland (this seemed to always hold true for me when playing there), but when the special 4th of July weekend hit, with that fantastic jackpot ready to burst, I decided hot or cold, I was going to REALLY go for it this time. Sure enough, my first two days were very cold for me. I had placed $500 into Slotland, with little in return (except for a lot of fun and excitement!). I slowed down a bit on Sunday, only placing $100 into my account. That was a good deposit for me! Almost immediately, winning symbols were flashing across my screen, and I saw my $100 rise up to $500! So I was only down $100 for the weekend. Now usually, when I make a good recovery after a bad start, I just cash in my chips and wait a week or so to try them out again. But every time I looked at the huge jackpot, I just could not help but try again. I decided to go back to one of my all-time favorites, Golden 8. For a good part of Monday, I played that game, building my cash balance back to $400. I was still not down as much as I feared, and I finally decided that I would play until I got back to $100 or it increased to at least $1,000. Then, out of the blue it happened. I found three red bars on line 6 and hit the jackpot!

Well, if my family saw me after that win, they would have sworn I was really crazy and wild! I screamed so loud it woke the cat, who went running out of the room. I too was running through my house, screaming, I did it, I did it! After about 30 minutes, I stopped shaking enough to sit down and try to comprehend what had happened to me. I almost felt as if I was dreaming; it is always someone else, not me who wins like that! But not this time!

What are my plans with all this money? It is easy! I am gifting $25,000 to each of my two daughters, and each of my three grandkids (one of whom is ready to start college this fall) now have a $15,000 college fund to give them the right start! The rest of the money? Well, some of that is going back to $lotland, but the rest is banked away for future use. I am truly the luckiest person in the world: I have my health, my family who loves me (even if they do think I am crazy), and I have $lotland! What more could a person want in life?

What a great story from WILSON3970! Congratulations to WILSON3970!

Source: $lotland

Tags: Record Jackpot, Golden 8, Slotland.

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