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Winners » April 2004 Casino Wins » April 16, 2004.

Slotland Player 31896534 Won Progressive Jackpot Of $98,922 While Playing Heavy Metal.

Last month's promotional weekend turned out to be a fantastic weekend for 31896534, who won a jackpot of $98,922 while playing Heavy Metal 3 reel slot machine. Actually, 31896534 is a relatively new player, who joined $lotland in January of this year and became a fast and furious $lotland fan instantly.

Here is what the lucky winner had to say about this great win:

"I have to admit that when I first played at Slotland, I got hooked! Each game is so different that I really feel like I have some true choices when gambling. I found that I liked all of the games (well, Silver Kiss was a bit too much for me!), but there was something about Heavy Metal that kept me coming back to it. Maybe it was the fact that it took me over $100 to just figure out how that darned game actually worked! Even though it took me a lot of time and more money than I would have liked to learn this game, I never seemed to get enough of it!"

"I work full time during the week, so it is usually during my weekends that I find the chance to play at Slotland. And I especially love the promotional weekends, where I get some extra bonuses. I guess I was just in the right place at the right time that first weekend in March. Everything seemed to be going right for me. My first deposit on Saturday was a sure winner; I found that I got a 50% bonus for my $100 deposit! On top of that, I hit a Deposit Delights Bonus of $200! I actually had to write the Customer Support Department to find out if there was a bug in their software :)"

"The rest of Saturday was pretty normal for me, with plenty of ups and downs. I never was able to get my cash balance beyond $400, but it never dropped below my $100 deposit either, so I felt I was doing pretty good. On Sunday, I seemed to have a pretty bad start. For the first time, I fell below my $100 deposit. I had been jumping around to different games trying to see which was would be friendly to me. After about an hour of up and down playing, I decided to just stick with one of my favorites, Heavy Metal. It was a good choice! It seemed like about every third or fourth spin would produce a win, including some pretty good wins. I finally got my bankroll back up to $200, which felt really good. I decided to have one more go at Heavy Metal before calling it a weekend and cashing out at least even."

"I thank my lucky stars that I made that decision! In less than 30 minutes after switching to Heavy Metal, it happened. My second column had hit the green sevens twice in a row, so of course, I did a max bet on line B. And sure enough, the green sevens landed in the second column again and I was almost $100,000 richer!"

"I haven't quit my job yet, but I am taking a one month vacation to decide what to do next! Meanwhile, I am back at Slotland, trying for another jackpot!"

It is always great to see a player take home such a large win! Our heartfelt congratulations go to 31896534!

Source: $lotland

Tags: Heavy Metal, Progressive Jackpot, Slotland.

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