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Winners » November 2006 Casino Wins » November 15, 2006.

Monthly Slotland's Winner Story - BOGUSKA Wins Big Again.

jacksorbetter200 Along with yet another jackpot winner, Slotland online casino has another awesome winner story to share with you. Player BOGUSKA already had a positive gambling experience at Slotland online casino, he won $620 in June playing Jacks or Better video poker. Read about another amazing streak that BOGUSKA had in this Monthly Winner Story:

I've got to admit, there have been times when I was totally frustrated and thought, there is just no winning here, to the point where I had left for a while vowing to never return again. But that did not last long. Although I have played on other online sites, there is just something about Slotland that keeps drawing me back. The games are so unpredictable and challenging that this alone is most gratifying, and I think that is the whole idea of playing, that excitement, that anticipation, that win when it hits. I've learned over and over again, that with Slotland, you can win, and win big, you just have to be in the right place at the right time.

On my last venture at Slotland, I deposited $50 into my account and ended up with $6000 in my withdrawal account! This is how it all unfolded.

I started playing Jacks or Better with my $50 and after quite a few tries I was down to $15 even though I was just playing $1 bets, and so I thought, this is not looking good. In the meantime, I had a phone call, so I just logged out. About an hour later, I logged back in and went to Jacks or Better. I instantly changed my bet to $5. I figured 3 shots and it would be over. On my first try I got a straight flush for $250! I was so excited because that win allowed me to play a little longer. So I continued and realized that the hits kept coming!

I was up to $550 in a matter of a couple minutes! I increased my bet to $10 and within 15 minutes I had over $1200 in my account. Then the winning stopped and so did I. The next day, I went back, started off losing but then instantly within seconds, I had $2100 in my account. I went down to $2000 and stopped again. On the following day, I thought, I wonder if this will continue. For me, things usually happen in threes, good or bad. So I started off with max bet and I was not disappointed. By the end of the hour, I had over $6000 in my account. This game was going crazy. Each time I spun, I held my breath hoping for the big one, since it seemed that there was just no losing here.

Needless to say I did not hit the big one but ending up with $6000, and all from one game, was not too shabby. I will never doubt Slotland again. You just have to keep trying and trying often because the one thing I have realized is that from one minute to the next, these games can totally reverse from nothing to everything. Thank you Slotland for the excitement and, of course, that wonderful $6,000!

Congratulations to BOGUSKA for sharing this amazing winning streak with the rest of us. We must admit, we like seeing such streaks and this was not the first one we have encountered, nor will it be the last! But each one is always exciting and satisfying to hear about!

Source: Slotland

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