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Winners » October 2006 Casino Wins » October 14, 2006.

Monthly Winner Story - A Husband And His Wife Compete While Playing At Slotland.

slotland logo While the progressive jackpot has not been won since August 19 and now stands at $60,000+, Slotland casinbo are still seeing good winners every day. In addition to good winners on a regular basis, $lotland is thrilled to have good dedicated players, such as TOOTY (along with his wife, REENY34), who was kind enough to share his story in series of Monthly Winner Stories:

"My wife (REENY34) & I (TOOTY) have been playing at SLOTLAND for over seven years now, but this month was special because we purchased a new computer & now we play in the same room, at the same time, with me on WebTV because the TV screen is bigger & my wife on the computer because it is faster. We can see each other's screens perfectly."

"Yesterday, we started out with $100 each & we could choose whatever games we like. Every 3 hours, we would compare our winnings & whoever has the most money picks one chore from a list of chores around the house & the other person completes it during our break. We started our competition at Jacks or Better & I hit four of a kind twice within the first 25 minutes at a $5 bet, making a win of $250.00! My wife hit four of a kind once with a $10 bet for a $250.00 win almost immediately!" told lucky winner.

"She began taking the lead, so I decided to play at Treasure Box, where I had $45 in the Treasury. I had to match 3 sevens for the win & I did it in a few spins with max bets, which gave me $200.00 plus the kitty of $45.00! She then went to Wild Hearts & hit four of a kind on 3 lines at a $5.00 bet, making a $120.00 win and taking her over the top with over a $500 balance!"

"It ended up after 3 hours & playing quite a few of Slotland's games with my wife having $900.00+ in total wins & me with $700.00+ in total wins (obviously, I did the chore!!!)." said Tooty.

"What an experience, just playing your games is a rush to the senses, but this takes the cake! How can you lose? There is always a winner! This new idea of being able to compete on WebTV & the computer at the same time is a new innovation that should sweep through the nation, inspiring others to experience this wonderful sensation! I am spreading the word & if this story is chosen, the word will spead faster. BRAVO SLOTLAND!!! You made our day as usual!"

Slotland have awarded extra $1,000 to the TOOTY's account (VIP players get DOUBLE the bonus of $500) and trust this winner story encourages others to be creative while having fun winning at $lotland! This brilliant idea should be the newest and hottest trend sweeping across the online gaming world today. Unlike many other online casinos, $lotland WILL allow two members of the same household to open separate accounts, which means $lotland is about the only place where you can enjoy head to head competitions, such as the one created by TOOTY and REENY34! New players at Slotland can receive 100% match bonus up to $100 free and play unique games compartible with AOL/WebTV/Mac. US players and players from other countries are welcome.

Source: Slotland Online Casino

Tags: Wild Heart, Slotland, Slot Winner, Winner Story, Jacks or Better.

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