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USA Jeffrey R won $2,702.50 playing Heavyweight Gold at Slots Capital on Dec 07, 2019.

USA Jake H. won $12,590.00 playing Real-Series Video Slots at Uptown Aces on Dec 06.

USA Megan M. won $10,018.00 playing Real-Series Video Slots at Uptown Aces on Dec 05.

USA Michael S. won $12,200.00 playing Real-Series Video Slots at Uptown Aces on Dec 04, 2019.

USA Carina N. won $9,057.17 playing Real-Series Video Slots at Uptown Aces on Dec 03.

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Online Winners Stories Articles Archive of 2004 - Winner's Testimonials

1. Treasure Nile Winner Sets Out To Have Fun! Mark S. Wins $40,225.90 Playing Treasure Nile At Vegas Villa. (31/12/2004)
2. CashSplash Winner Pays off Credit! Susan K. Wins $22,559.52 Playing Cash Splash At Jackpot City. (Susan K, Jackpot City, Cash Splash 28/12/2004)
3. LotsaLoot Winner Yells 'Yippie'! Twila C. Wins $28,238.66 Playing LotsaLoot At Lake Palace. (Twila C, Lake Palace, LotsaLoot 19/12/2004)
4. Fourth Spin and Its A Hit! Patricia W. Wins $13,855.34 Playing Wow Pot At All Slots Casino. (Patricia W, All Slots Casino, Wow Pot 18/12/2004)
5. First Spin On Treasure Nile Slot Hits Jackpot For Jaco P. Who Won $18,196.03. (Treasure Nile, Piggs Peak, Jaco P 13/12/2004)
6. WowPot Winner Hits Jackpot on Free Bonus! Gary K. Wins $14,147.72 Playing Wow Pot At All Slots Casino. (Gary K, All Slots Casino, Wow Pot 12/12/2004)
7. Vegas Villa Casino Player Nanette C. Hits $31,874.92 On Jackpot Deuces Progressive. (Vegas Villa, Jackpot Deuces, Nanette C, Fortune Lounge 11/12/2004)
8. Helen J won 10K Pounds Fruit Fiesta progressive jackpot. (Fruit Fiesta, UK 09/12/2004)
9. Poker Ride Winner Helaine L. Splits Jackpot with Non-Profit Organization. (Poker Ride, Gaming Club, Helaine L, Poker Jackpot 09/12/2004)
10. Winner is Scared the Jackpot Was A Hoax! John F. Wins $24,318.74 Playing Fruit Fiesta At Sun Vegas Casino. (John F, Sun Vegas Casino, Fruit Fiesta 07/12/2004)
11. Todd C won $11,162 Cash Splash Jackpot at Lucky Emperor. (Lucky Emperor, Cash Splash 07/12/2004)
12. Multiple Jackpot Winners At JackpotJoy In October And November. (Lisa P, Anwen S, Jackpot Winners, Jackpotjoy 05/12/2004)
13. Lucky Hat Brings Lots of Luck! Tim K. Wins $29,503.56 Playing LotsaLoot At Vegas Country Casino. (Tim K, Vegas Country Casino, LotsaLoot 05/12/2004)
14. Jackpot Helps Out With Semi-Retirement! Thomas A. Wins $28,216.22 Playing Cash Splash At Lake Palace. (Thomas A, Lake Palace, Cash Splash 05/12/2004)
15. Reality Struck and LotsaLoot Winner Realized He Won! Johannes O. Wins $2,489.17 On LotsaLoot At Piggs Peak. (Johannes O, Piggs Peak Casino, LotsaLoot 01/12/2004)
16. $16,469.35 SupaJax Jackpot Win At Wild Jack Casino Was Just In Time For Winter Said Terri A. (Wild Jack, Supajax, Jackpot Factory, Video Poker, Terri A 30/11/2004)
17. TreasureNile Winner Helps Reunite Family! Carolann D. Wins $15,922.76 Playing Treasure Nile At Piggs Peak Casino. (Carolann D, Piggs Peak Casino, Treasure Nile 30/11/2004)
18. Tim F. Won His First $8,619.30 LotsaLoot Jackpot At All Slots Casino. (Tim F., LotsaLoot, All Slots 27/11/2004)
19. A Merry Merry Christmas! Amy M. Wins $14,001.36 Playing Wow Pot At Roxy Palace Casino. (Amy M, Roxy Palace Casino, Wow Pot 25/11/2004)
20. Jackpot Enables Mother To Help Daughter. Shirley O. Wins $4,469.21 Playing LotsaLoot At Royal Vegas Casino. (Shirley O, Royal Vegas Casino, LotsaLoot 22/11/2004)
21. Island Purchase Waits Another Day! Charles M. Wins $10,225.50 Playing LotsaLoot At All Slots Casino. (Charles M, All Slots Casino, LotsaLoot 22/11/2004)
22. Staying Home Payed Out For Poker Ride Winner Dave L. Who Hit $4,123.96 Jackpot At Roxy Palace Casino. (Poker Ride, Roxy Palace, Poker Jackpot, Dave L 18/11/2004)
23. A Very Special Christmas For Karen S. Who Won $45,028.03 LotsaLoot Jackpot At Lucky Nugget. (Karen S, LotsaLoot, Lucky Nugget, Jackpot Winner 16/11/2004)
24. $57,149.55 Cyberstud Poker Jackpot Winner Goes On A Mother-Daughter Trip To Europe. (Cyberstud Poker, Wild Jack, Sharon C 15/11/2004)
25. CashSplash Winner is Off To The Beaches. Laurence G. Wins $28,897.04 Playing Cash Splash At Casino Grand Bay. (Laurence G, Casino Grand Bay, Cash Splash 15/11/2004)
26. Nancy H. Wins Two Progressive Poker Ride Jackpots In November. (Jackpot City, Poker Ride, Jupiter Club, Nancy H 12/11/2004)
27. AutoPlay Helps Winner Hit the Jackpot! Suzanne V. Wins $22,158.01 Playing LotsaLoot At The Gaming Club. (Suzanne V, The Gaming Club, LotsaLoot 12/11/2004)
28. Teresa S. Wins $6,188.27 WowPot Jackpot Just In Time For Christmas. (Wow Pot, River Belle, Progressive Slot, Teresa S 07/11/2004)
29. Cash Splash Winner Helps Family! Betty W. Wins $28,968.61 Playing Cash Splash At All Slots Casino. (Betty W, All Slots Casino, Cash Splash 06/11/2004)
30. Jackpot Deuces Winner Hits The Jackpot Again And Wins $47,997.94 On LotsaLoot Slot. (LotsaLoot, Ellen P, Casino Grand Bay 05/11/2004)
31. Club Dice Casino Pays Out $971,145 In Single Win. (Club Dice, Gold Rally, Playtech 05/11/2004)
32. Fortune Lounge player Doug C shares his experience. (casino player, Fortune Lounge 04/11/2004)
33. Fiona H. Wins Her Life Changing Jackpot Of $48,501.87 On Cash Splash At The Gaming Club. (Fiona H, Cash Splash, The Gaming Club 03/11/2004)
34. Goodbye Mortgage For Club Dice Casino Player K.S. Who Won $971,145 On Gold Rally Slot. (Club Dice, Gold Rally, K. S., 8 Line 02/11/2004)
35. $22,490.25 Triple Sevens Jackpot Winner Valerie T. Decorates Home. (Triple Sevens, Blackjack Jackpot, All Slots Casino, Valerie T 30/10/2004)
36. October Big Winners At Jackpot Joy - Caroline W Wins GBP19K On Tycoon. (Caroline W, Tycoon, Jackpot Winner, Jackpotjoy 27/10/2004)
37. Jackpot Deuces Jackpot Helps New Family On The Way - Moses B. Wins $46,020.16 At Wild Jack Casino. (Jackpot Deuces, Moses B, Wild Jack, Video Poker 25/10/2004)
38. Lynne won $12,311.83 Jackpot on Wow Pot Progressive Slot at Yukon Gold Casino. (Wow Pot, progressive slot, Yukon Gold 22/10/2004)
39. Dream Came True For Janie P. Who Won $33,543.00 On Tunzumunni Slot. (Tunzamunni, All Slots Casino, Janie P, Progressive Slot 20/10/2004)
40. German Player Won $55,121 While Playing Treasure Box Slot Machine At Slotland. (Treasure Box, Progressive Slot, Slotland 20/10/2004)
41. 'William H' wins 281,865 progressive jackpot on Rags to Riches. (progressive jackpot, Rags to Riches 16/10/2004)
42. Bullion Bonanza Progressive Jackpot Winners List At JackpotJoy. (Lisa B, Jackpotjoy, Bullion Bonanza 10/10/2004)
43. Just Returned From A Local Casino And Won Online - Ray B. Hits $11,942.80 On Triple Sevens. (Triple Sevens, Progressive Blackjack, Colosseum Casino, Ray B 10/10/2004)
44. KANNONBELL From California Won $111,652 Playing MAGIC Slots At Slotland Casino. (Magic Slot, Slots Jackpot, $lotland 30/09/2004)
45. Family Trip for TreasureNile Winner! Rand W. Wins $64,196.70 Playing Treasure Nile At 7 Sultans Casino. (Rand W, 7 Sultans Casino, Treasure Nile 24/09/2004)
46. Winner Purchases Travel Trailer! Johnnie K. Wins $12,845.46 Playing Cash Splash At Golden Riviera. (Johnnie K, Golden Riviera, Cash Splash 20/09/2004)
47. September Jackpotjoy's Winners - Carry On Winning Online Jackpots. (Bullion Bonanza, Jackpotjoy, Tycoon, Marcus D, Gwenda R 19/09/2004)
48. 7 Sultans Casino Player James C. Wins $13,549.56 Jackpot Playing Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack. (7 Sultans Casino, Triple Sevens, Blackjack Jackpot 18/09/2004)
49. Demarie D. Needed Money Fast And Won $17,626.19 Playing CashSplash Game At All Slots Casino. (All Slots Casino, CashSplash, Progressive Slot 18/09/2004)
50. The Excitement Of Winning Keeps Lorelei B. Coming Back - She Wins 3rd $11,232.75 Jackpot At Wild Jack Casino. (Lorelei B, Cash Splash, Wild Jack, Winner Story 17/09/2004)
51. Bank Holiday Jackpot Bonanza 2: The Return Of The Enormous Jackpots. (Big Wins, Jackpot Winners, Bonanza, Jackpotjoy 14/09/2004)
52. $85,258.82 Treasure Nile Jackpot Winner Maria A. Buys Motor Home. (Lucky Nugget, Treasure Nile, Slot Jackpot, Maria A 06/09/2004)
53. Lucky Deon S. Wins $6,293.58 Fruit Fiesta Jackpot At Piggs Peak Casino In September. (Fruit Fiesta, Piggs Peak Casino, Slot Machine, Jackpot Winner 05/09/2004)
54. Beginner To Progressives Wins $10,994.89 Jackpot On Lotsaloot Slot At The River Belle. (The River Belle, LotsaLoot, Beginner, Winner Story 31/08/2004)
55. Rosa W. Wins TWO Lotsaloot Jackpots In August. Family Of The Winner Is In Disbelief! (LotsaLoot, Rosa W, River Belle, Slots Jackpot 30/08/2004)
56. Fear Of Paraskevidekatriaphobia? Not Me, I love Friday 13th! - Olympic Gold Slot Winner Story. (Judi D, Olympic Gold, Jackpotjoy 25/08/2004)
57. Retirement Becomes Closer For Jeanette F. With $8,469.52 Fruit Fiesta Jackpot Win. (Jeanette F, Vegas Slot, Fruit Fiesta, Jackpot Winner 23/08/2004)
58. Rosa W. won $12,337.20 on LotsaLoot At The River Belle Casino - Full Story. (The River Belle, Lotsaloot, Rosa W 14/08/2004)
59. Lucky Day For Triple Sevens Blackjack Player Brings $21,081.30 At The River Belle Casino. (Triple Sevens, River Belle, Progressive Blackjack 13/08/2004)
60. Mouth Full Of Beer And A Jackpot For Eerin J. Who Won $3,417.94 On Lotsaloot. (Desert Dollar, Eerin J, LotsaLoot 12/08/2004)
61. Play For Fun Today - Win Big Tomorrow! Play Jackpotjoy Games For Cool Prizes. (Play For Fun, Bullion Bonanza, Jackpotjoy 12/08/2004)
62. WowPot Winner Ann C. Can Not Believe It's True - She Wins $2,207.55 Progressive Jackpot. (Wow Pot, Piggs Peak, Progressive Slot, Winner Story 11/08/2004)
63. Player 'SMARTBLOND' Won $108,446 Jackpot While Playing Treasure Box Slot Machine. (Treasure Box, Progressive Jackpot, Slotland 07/08/2004)
64. Restoring Houses Is Now Possible For Karen D. Who Won $633,336.24 On Major Millions. (Spin Palace, Major Millions, Karen D 04/08/2004)
65. Second Time Winner In Just One Week! Stacie A. Wins $23,048.54 Playing Fruit Fiesta At Casino Grand Bay. (Stacie A, Second Jackpot, Fruit Fiesta, Casino Grand Bay 03/08/2004)
66. Airline Employee Lisa S. Wins $17,524.07 Fruit Fiesta Jackpot At 7 Sultans Casino. (7 Sultans, Fruit Fiesta, Lisa S 02/08/2004)
67. Jackpot Fixes House! Jack M. Wins $33,815.94 Playing Cash Splash At Crazy Vegas Casino. (Jack M, Crazy Vegas Casino, Cash Splash 31/07/2004)
68. $183,434.28 Treasure Nile Winner Vincenza S. Travels To The Nile for Lucky Charm. (Colosseum Casino, Treasure Nile, Vincenza S 27/07/2004)
69. Beginner Deborah A. Hits $2,718.53 Cash Splash Jackpot At Piggs Peak Casino. (Cash Splash, Piggs Peak Casino, Deborah A 24/07/2004)
70. Ignore Those Jackpot Alert Newsletters At Your Peril - Record Jackpot Wins At Jackpotjoy. (Record Jackpot, Bullion Bonanza, Jackpotjoy, Big Win 22/07/2004)
71. Baby On the Way Brings Good Luck! Jennifer B. Wins $25,632.37 Playing Jackpot Deuces At Virtual City Casino. (Jennifer B, Jackpot Deuces, Virtual City Casino 21/07/2004)
72. Douglas W. Wins Second Jackpot Of $1,066,961 On Major Millions Progressive Slot In Just One Month. (Douglas W, Jackpot Winner, Major Millions, Jackpot Madness 18/07/2004)
73. Total Amazement for WowPot Winner! Loyd C. Wins $2,312.93 Playing Wow Pot At Miami Paradise Casino. (Loyd C, Wow Pot, Miami Paradise Casino 16/07/2004)
74. Sleepless Night Turns out Big for Marie! Marie Z. Wins $59,228.52 Playing Cash Splash At Fortune Room. (Marie Z, Cash Splash, Fortune Room 07/07/2004)
75. InterCasino's player JeromeD won $270,453 jackpot this July. (jackpot, Rags-to-Riches, InterCasino 07/07/2004)
76. Multi-Winner Saves Money for a Rainy Day! Cyndi J. Wins $50,680.13 Playing LotsaLoot At Vegas Slot. (Cyndi J, LotsaLoot, Vegas Slot 05/07/2004)
77. Lucky Shirt Brings Lots Of Luck For Beth A. Who Won $26,193.22 On Jackpot Deuces At Vegas Towers. (Deuces Wild, Vegas Towers, Jackpot Deuces 04/07/2004)
78. Just a Little Belief...! Story Of Sarit R. Who Won $24,697.13 Playing LotsaLoot At Grand Hotel Casino. (Sarit R, LotsaLoot, Grand Hotel Casino 03/07/2004)
79. Major Millionaire Winner Maintains His Simple Life! Glenham G. Wins $180,086.72 On Major Millions At Piggs Peak Casino. (Glenham G, Major Millions, Piggs Peak Casino 02/07/2004)
80. CashSplash Winner Hits Jackpot on Her Birthday! Barbara D. Wins $106,108.91 At Roxy Palace Casino. (Barbara D, Cash Splash, Roxy Palace Casino 02/07/2004)
81. USA Casino Pays $645,319 In Single Winajackpot Win. (Gold Rally, USA casino, Winajackpot 30/06/2004)
82. Corrine Stayed Home to Play...and WON! Corrine R. Wins $99,153.10 Playing Treasure Nile At Casino Grand Bay. (Corrine R, Treasure Nile, Casino Grand Bay 25/06/2004)
83. Lightning Strikes Twice In 24 Hours For Lorraine G. She Won Over 24K Pounds Sterling. (Bullion Bonanza, Jackpotjoy, Lorraine G 24/06/2004)
84. CashSplash Winner is Off to Graduate School! Peter B. Wins $9,742.12 Playing Cash Splash At 7 Sultans Casino. (Peter B, Cash Splash, 7 Sultans Casino 22/06/2004)
85. Little Pots Lead to Big Win! Deborah H. Wins $7,427.44 Playing LotsaLoot At Casino Grand Bay. (Deborah H, LotsaLoot, Casino Grand Bay 22/06/2004)
86. Third Time Winner Just Has Lots of Luck! Christine D. Wins $77,746.36 Playing Treasure Nile At 7 Sultans Casino. (Christine D, Treasure Nile, 7 Sultans Casino 18/06/2004)
87. Down $3.75 One Minute, Up $13,743.89 the Next! Elizabeth C. Wins $13,743.89 Playing Fruit Fiesta At Grand Hotel Casino. (Elizabeth C, Fruit Fiesta, Grand Hotel Casino 12/06/2004)
88. Debra's Win Helps Out a Friend. Debra F. Wins $13,962.34 Playing SupaJax At Orbital Casino. (Debra F, SupaJax, Orbital Casino 11/06/2004)
89. 166,087.93 Euros Record Win On German Inter Casino Site. (Euros, German, progressive jackpot, InterCasino 05/06/2004)
90. Numbers Never Lie! Steve R. Wins $86,871.38 Playing Treasure Nile At Lucky Nugget Casino. (Steve R, Treasure Nile, Lucky Nugget Casino 03/06/2004)
91. Second May Progressive Jackpot Winner 'THIRTY3' from Montana Won $44,462 Playing Silver Kiss. (Silver Kiss, Progressive Jackpot, Winner Story, Slotland 02/06/2004)
92. Joaquim Wins 1,453,610.18 Euros - Largest Online Jackpot EVER! Huge Major Millions Win At Jackpot City. (Joaquim M, Major Millions, Jackpot City, Largest Jackpot 01/06/2004)
93. Just One of Those Days... Lisa B. Wins $23,308.95 Playing Treasure Nile At Piggs Peak Casino. (Lisa B, Treasure Nile, Piggs Peak Casino 31/05/2004)
94. Cherise Wins Again - On Her Birthday. Cherise L. Wins $18,912.59 Playing Wow Pot At Lucky Emporer Casino. (Cherise L, Wow Pot, Lucky Emporer Casino 30/05/2004)
95. Duane Can Now Purchase a New Home! Duane P. Wins $22,135.28 On Cash Splash At Lucky Nugget Casino. (Duane P, Cash Splash, Lucky Nugget Casino 30/05/2004)
96. $210,759.45 Win On Roulette Royale Leaves Linda Debt Free. (Roulette Royale, Vegas Villa, Linda B, Fortune Lounge 25/05/2004)
97. Travel Trailer Dream Comes True! Linda G. Wins $50,325.79 Playing Cash Splash At Virtual City Casino. (Linda G, Cash Splash, Virtual City Casino 21/05/2004)
98. Jeanette, It's Not A Dream! Jeanette Y. Wins $13,500.13 Playing Fruit Fiesta At Roxy Palace Casino. (Jeanette Y, Fruit Fiesta, Roxy Palace Casino 21/05/2004)
99. Something Special in the Air. Bryan T. Wins $10,176.63 Playing Cash Splash At Grand Hotel Casino. (Bryan T, Cash Splash, Grand Hotel Casino 17/05/2004)
100. Never Say Never! Dixie C. Wins $10,932.63 Playing Cash Splash At Grand Hotel Casino. (Dixie C, Cash Splash, Grand Hotel Casino 17/05/2004)
101. MACAWMAW broke the $lotland bank playing Jacks or Better and win $135,815 jackpot. (Jacks or Better, Video Poker Jackpot, Slotland 12/05/2004)
102. German Player Scouti Win 160,438.36 Euros On Progressive Blackjack At InterCasino Deutschland. (InterCasino, Deutschland, Progressive Blackjack, Scouti 12/05/2004)
103. Fate Conspires To Win John K A Fortune! GBP11,206 Winner At Jackpotjoy. (John K, Tycoon, Jackpotjoy 08/05/2004)
104. Full Moon Fever! Tim F. Wins $131,314.90 Playing Cash Splash At 7 Sultans Casino. (Tim F, Cash Splash, 7 Sultans Casino 04/05/2004)
105. The Honeymoon of Our Dreams! Bret B. Wins $11,098 Playing Cash Splash At Spin Palace. (Bret B, Cash Splash, Spin Palace 28/04/2004)
106. Christoph's Not Kidding! He Really Won $94,348.13! Story Of Big Win On Treasure Nile At Vegas Palms Casino. (Christoph S, Treasure Nile, Vegas Palms Casino 20/04/2004)
107. Carl's Bones Know Best. Carl H. Wins $21,894.62 Playing Cash Splash At Spin Palace Casino. (Carl H, Cash Splash, Spin Palace Casino 18/04/2004)
108. Lee Wins WowPot on First Spin! Lee J. Wins $6,674.24 Playing Wow Pot At Casino Grand Bay. (Lee J, Wow Pot, Casino Grand Bay 17/04/2004)
109. Blood Came Rushing To Mary's Head! Mary V. Wins $35,528.09 On Cash Splash At Vegas Country Casino. (Mary V, Cash Splash, Vegas Country Casino 17/04/2004)
110. Slotland Player 31896534 Won Progressive Jackpot Of $98,922 While Playing Heavy Metal. (Heavy Metal, Progressive Jackpot, Slotland 16/04/2004)
111. Bank Holiday Jackpot Bonanza At Jackpotjoy Online Casino. (Jackpot Bonanza, Jackpot Winners, Jackpotjoy 15/04/2004)
112. The Third Spin's The Charm! Richard C. Wins $29,179.60 Playing LotsaLoot At Bella Vegas Casino. (Third Spin, Richard C, LotsaLoot, Bella Vegas Casino 14/04/2004)
113. A Guardian Angel Watches Over Cherise. Cherise L. Wins $16,244.25 On WowPot At Lucky Emporer Casino. (Cherise L, Wow Pot, Lucky Emporer Casino 11/04/2004)
114. The Predators Lost… But Denise Wins! Denise H. Wins $23,248.94 Playing LotsaLoot At Jackpot City. (Denise H, LotsaLoot, Jackpot City 10/04/2004)
115. A Lesson Learned is a Jackpot Gained! Kenna W. Wins $10,659 Playing Triple Sevens At River Nile. (Kenna W, Triple Sevens, River Nile Casino 10/04/2004)
116. One Win Lost, Another One Gained. Bill P. Wins $20,815 Playing Triple 7s Blackjack At Lucky Nugget Casino. (Bill P, Triple Sevens, Lucky Nugget Casino 30/03/2004)
117. Steinar Strikes Gold With $25 Bonus. Steinar R. Wins $30,447.65 Playing CashSplash At Jackpot City. (Steinar R, Cash Splash, Jackpot City 29/03/2004)
118. With Only $2.50 Left, Lynn Hits LotsaLoot. Lynn K. Wins $14,417.82 On LotsaLoot At Captain Cook's Casino. (Lynn K, LotsaLoot, Captain Cook's Casino 24/03/2004)
119. One Drink Makes All The Difference! Palle L. Wins $33,560.79 Playing Cash Splash At The Gaming Club. (Palle L, Cash Splash, The Gaming Club 23/03/2004)
120. Francisco Knew He'd Win! Francisco Z. Wins $33,997.69 Playing Jackpot Deuces At Spin Palace Casino. (Francisco Z, Jackpot Deuces, Spin Palace Casino 18/03/2004)
121. March 2004 Progressive Jackpot Winners At Jackpotjoy. (Jackpot Winners, Jackpotjoy, Winners, Bullion Bonanza 15/03/2004)
122. Waiting For A Game, Andreas F. Wins $841,529.63 Playing Major Millions At Colosseum Casino. (Andreas F, Major Millions, Colosseum Casino 09/03/2004)
123. While Talking on the Phone, Rebecca Wins WowPot. Rebecca L. Wins $2,258.82 Jackpot At All Jackpots Casino. (Rebecca L, Wow Pot, All Jackpots Casino 06/03/2004)
124. Jackpot Deuces Fuel Jamaican Dreams. Linda M. Wins $27,857.27 On Jackpot Deuces At The River Belle. (Linda M, Jackpot Deuces, The River Belle 01/03/2004)
125. A Little Determination Goes A Long Way. Mark S. Wins $24,543.20 Playing Fruit Fiesta At Platinum Play. (Mark S, Fruit Fiesta, Platinum Play 27/02/2004)
126. Am I dreaming? Leslie S. Wins $23,163.23 Playing Jackpot Deuces At The River Belle. (Leslie S, Jackpot Deuces, The River Belle 24/02/2004)
127. Can't Sleep? Why Not Win Treasure Nile? Linda P. Wins $41,167.90 Playing Treasure Nile At Casino Grand Bay. (Linda P, Treasure Nile, Casino Grand Bay 17/02/2004)
128. Dream of Israel Becomes a Reality For Joyce H. Who Wins $11,942.36 Playing Fruit Fiesta At Big Dollar Casino. (Joyce H, Fruit Fiesta, Big Dollar Casino 13/02/2004)
129. Time for a Better Vacation! Michael L. Wins $21,877.35 Playing Jackpot Deuces At The River Belle. (Michael L, Jackpot Deuces, The River Belle 10/02/2004)
130. Day Off Work? Time to Play LotsaLoot.. and WIN! Tanya S. Wins $30,313.54 On LotsaLoot At Music Hall Casino. (Tanya S, LotsaLoot, Music Hall Casino 05/02/2004)
131. First Jackpot Winner Of 2004 Won $107,103 At Slotland. (Booster, Slotland, Jackpot Winner 26/01/2004)
132. Home Sick and Winning BIG! Theresa M. Wins $6,321.57 Playing Fruit Fiesta At Vegas Country Casino. (Theresa M, Fruit Fiesta, Vegas Country Casino 22/01/2004)
133. Treasure Nile Win Saves Edward's Business! Edward T. Wins $114,930.16 Playing Treasure Nile At King Neptunes Casino. (Edward T, Treasure Nile, King Neptune's Casino 21/01/2004)
134. Treasure Nile Win Helps Elsie Build a Pool! Elsie M. Wins $14,370.88 Playing Treasure Nile At Piggs Peak. (Elsie M, Treasure Nile, Piggs Peak 20/01/2004)
135. Grand Prix, Here I Come! Katrina F. Wins $24,139.17 On Fruit Fiesta At Platinum Play - Full Story. (Katrina F, Fruit Fiesta, Platinum Play 13/01/2004)
136. Dreams of Atlantis. Story Of Theresa J. Who Won $96,785.70 On Treasure Nile At 7 Sultans Casino. (Theresa J, Treasure Nile, 7 Sultans Casino 03/01/2004)

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Top 10 Wins of 2004

Player Win Game Date Casino
Europe Joaquim M €1,453,610.00 Major Millions Jun 12 Jackpot City
Douglas W $1,066,961.00 Major Millions Jul 18 Jackpot City
K.S. At Club Dice $971,145.00 Gold Rally Nov 05 Carnival Casino
Andreas F. $841,529.63 Major Millions Mar 09 Colosseum Casino
Brenda J. $645,319.00 Gold Rally Jun 30 Casino Tropez
Karen D. $633,336.24 Major Millions Aug 04 Blackjack Ballroom
Silvana3 $286,609.00 Rags to Riches Nov 17 InterCasino
William H $281,865.00 Rags to Riches Oct 16 InterCasino
JeromeD $270,453.00 Rags to Riches Jul 07 InterCasino
USA Linda B. $210,759.45 Roulette Royale May 25 Vegas Villa

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