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Poker Strategies

Deuces Wild Strategy

Follow this general strategy in order of preference:
  • Hold any 5 Of A Kind or Royal Flush.
  • Else, if you've got four 2's: keep them!.
  • Else, if you've got three 2's:
    -hold any made 5 Of A Kind or Royal Flush
    -otherwise, keep the 2's and discard the rest.
  • Else, if you've got two 2's:
    -hold any made Straight, Five Of A Kind or Royal Flush.
    -hold any 4 of a Kind.
    -hold any 4 of a Royal Flush.
    -otherwise, keep the 2's and discard the rest.
  • Else, if you've got a single 2, keep any made hand EXCEPT:
    -hold four card Royal Flushes over made Straights, Flushes and Straight Flushes.
    -keep four card Straight Flushes of all types.
    -hold three card Royal Flushes .
    -do NOT keep two pair, keep only one.
    -hold four card Flushes.
    -hold four card Straights.
    -hold three card Straight Flushes, including those with gaps.
    -hold four card inside Straights.
    -hang on to two card Q or J high Straight Flushes.
    -discard two card Royal Flushes.
    -discard everything and try again.

Some players are reluctant to throw away five cards, but that is a most important strategy. You need to make room for additional cards that could be a deuces, and holding an Ace is not going to help you if the next hand coming up could be, say, four 6's.

Inside Straights should be held, if presenting the best possible return from your initial five cards dealt. Therefore, a 5, 6, 8, 9 hand can produce a 7 or wild card in Deuces Wild.

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