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Do you believe that a system is going to give you an edge over Roulette or Craps or some other game of chance? There are hundreds of guys ready to sell you thousands of "systems" that promise to help you get rich in hours. Let us look closer to these systems and why almost all of them fails.

Martingale, Fibonacci, Parlay, and so on. They're all "systems" designed to beat the House edge. And they all basically try it the same way: adjust your bets so that when you win your total winnings exceed your loses.

You can find very convincing reviews of one of these systems - Martingale - on the wizard of odds.

The article use computer simulation to evidence that on the long run you cannot win more than you loose. Frequent winnings - the red bell curve - with the peak of $51 are overweighted by the stairs on the left that indicate substantial loses. Moreover, playing with Martingale systems and limited maximum bet you will have even worse odds with respect to playing with flat bets. Even, if the bets can be increased without any limitations (up to infinity), you would not gain the edge - you couldn't even stay even because there is the house edge.

All of these systems are based on one simple belief: if you've lost one, two, three, whatever times in a row then your chances of winning on the next run are better than when you started betting. And as all the other "system criticizers" we should tell you that this assumption is quite wrong! In fact, the roulette wheel and craps do NOT have a memory. According to the theory of probability, the chance of getting "red" after 2 consecutive "blacks" on a roulette is the same 1/2! The theory of probability says that the chance of getting 3 consecutive "reds" are 1/2*1/2*1/2=1/8 but it does NOT mean that after 3 consecutive "reds" the probability of getting "red" is lower then 1/2, it's exactly 1/2! As almost all systems are based on these wrong assumption, they all fail.

That's why all "probability" systems are useless in online casinos when you play simple games of chance on a one on one basis. However, you can definitely gain the edge over the house in terrestrial casinos if you use so-called "discipline" system. The general idea is simple - leave the table after winning bet. The build-in house edge for a game can be 1% but, statistically, the house can earn 2 or 3% if most of the players play until they spend all of their money. In the same way you can increase your odds by leaving the table after winning stake, it does not matter whether you won or lose as a total. Some players set limits of winning for every play session depending on the bankroll. These "discipline" systems can do increase you odds but the effect is not very large and you would hardy turn the odds in your favor on the long run.

How to Get the Edge Over the House?

Nevertheless, you can do exploit the theory of probability, not systems, to gain the edge playing progressive slot machines and other progressive games. The pot is growing as more players make deposits to progressive jackpot. The idea is: If you start playing the slot when the pot is over the average level, you will have the SAME chances to win a jackpot, but the jackpot payout will be much bigger than average one. For example, for $1 bet you have the same chance of winning $1,000 on WowPot right after last win or winning $100,000 when the jackpot has reached this level! Another aspect is finding this average level.

Nobody will tell you the probability curve for a slot machine. However, you can estimate this level by examining previous wins, if you have a plenty. Moreover, if the jackpot is twice (or 3x times) then an average level or over the historical maximum (providing the jackpot is played for a long period of time and there are dozens or hundreds of winners), you have even more chances and ... the odds could turn in your favor as your expected return will be positive!

For example, Major Millions jackpot has been won 3 times with a level of over $1.5 million (maximum was $1,683,526). The average win is somewhere under $500,000 and the starting (minimum) level is $250,000. Let's suppose you see Major Millions at $1.5 million and start playing. According to Microgaming, this progressive jackpot has a contribution or about 3.63% and part of it is used to feed 'next' jackpot. Triple than normal jackpot growth will increase your average RTP in the game by over 5% and turn the odds in your favour!

Note: Major Millions jackpot stays at this attractive level (over $1.5 million) for a relatively small portion of time, so you should wait, say, 96-99% of time before you start playing. But we have a solution below.

Win Jackpots Like a Pro?

We are happy to recommend professional jackpot monitoring service that tracks over 1500 online pots in real time. You can find information on all jackpot max wins, seeds, current values (SCORES), RTPs and more data at the specialized site - Wizard of Pots. This site also offers Jackpot Alerts and Apps for Android and iOS. They promise at least triple your average jackpot payout with their system.

Taking into account all these notes you can now create your winning strategy to win a jackpot. Try this strategy on a smaller jackpots and, probably, some day you'll become a millionaire by winning Major Millions. Check out our HUGE monthly jackpot winners stories and testimonials to learn more about real winners of online jackpots.

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