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Tens or Better Strategy

Here are the general strategy. Keep any hand that already pays. Possible exceptions are (in decreasing value):
  • Hold four card Royal Flushes to make Straights or Flushes.
  • Four card straight flushes, inside or outside.
  • High card Pairs.
  • Three card Royal Flushes.
  • Four card Flushes.
  • Low Pairs rank here, trying to build Three Of A Kind.
  • Four card Flushes.
  • Four card Straights. Hold inside Straights only if you've got three or more high cards (A, K, Q, J, 10).

Follow this general strategy in order of preference:

  • Keep any two suited high cards. Discard unsuited high cards.
  • Four mixed-suit high cards:
    -keep any three suited, toss the unsuited.
    -otherwise, keep them all.
  • Three unsuited high cards:
    -keep all three of K-Q-J.
    -with A-K-J or A-Q-J, discard the A.
  • Keep any two unsuited high cards.
  • Keep any single high card (A, K, Q, J, 10).

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