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Winners » June 2007 Casino Wins » June 5, 2007.

Slotland's Monthly Winner Story From Casino Player ELMOPOOF.

In this winner story from ELMOPOOF, you will learn how Slotland casino can even help you grow your own business while you are winning and having fun:

First off, thank you for sending my $100.00 winnings so quickly!

Even though I have never won your big jackpot in over the 5 years I have been playing, I still keep hoping that maybe once I will win it, so I do keep trying.

Thank you for the opportunity to play at Slotland Casino and please keep it this way! I am sure lots of people like to play on phones or mini computers; in fact, I have even seen your casino being played on a virtual keyboard in the San Francisco Overseas Airport yesterday!

This gentleman just put out on the table in front of me a small laser and all of a sudden, there was the virtual keyboard in front of me. I commented, "Oh my, what a marvelous invention!" and then he said "Wait, you have not seen what I am going to do with it!" To my surprise, out of our mouths at the same time came SLOTLAND! I was totally bowled over. He says he always plays on your site before his international trips to Japan every week.

He also made the comment that Slotland has kept things interesting; even though it seems like a smaller casino, there are pretty great jackpots if you ever win, which is exactly how I always felt about Slotland myself. So now you have really gone GLOBAL! We ended up boarding the same plane bound for Tokyo, I as a courier for my courier service and he as a businessman going back to manage his business in Osaka. We both flew first class and ended up sitting right next to each other. We had a fantastic flight. Later I took a nap upstairs and got refreshed for our landing. He changed into this entirely cool outfit in leather slacks and white t-shirt and leather jacket (very COOL!) and I just went in a very long Chosam dress and slippers (so as not to offend my clients). We exchanged business cards and he said he would definitely use my services, as he was impressed to see me, as the owner of my business, personally managing the courier work.

Since this was a very huge contract, I was handcuffed to the delivery attache to deliver an important contract to a major steel company in Japan. He was quite impressed in the way I handled myself. I got permission for the handcuffing procedure before we landed, as this was not a normal scene for the stewardess to see. We both said our goodbyes and he said he would like to call me and use my services the next time he has to go to Japan for business. Of course, I said whenever and whatever your needs are, do not hesitate to give me a call or I could steer him to one of my competition for his needs. He said NO, he would only use me in the future.

So thank you Slotland, for bringing to me a future client! As a matter of fact, we both played at Slotland before we got on the flight in San Francisco, California. He won a great deal playing Lucky Stars and I still won my $100.00; so this is my story of how Slotland was played on a VIRTUAL REALITY COMPUTER and KEYBOARD yesterday PLUS helped my business grow!

Congratulations to ELMOPOOF plus $500 cash prize from Slotland online casino into her player account for this great story of how the casino can make extra special connections. There are many ways of winning at Slotland, including some ways of which it is impossible to measure the true value! Join now, receive 100% sign up bonus and get ready to win! The progressive jackpot is over $114,000 right now and still growing.

Source: Slotland Casino

Tags: Winner Story, ELMOPOOF, Slotland Casino.

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