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KANNONBELL From California Won $111,652 Playing MAGIC Slots At Slotland Casino.

A California player KANNONBELL won $111,652 while playing MAGIC at $lotland on September 30, 2004. We were able to catch up with KANNONBELL to hear her story directly:

"I was introduced to Slotland by my aunt on my 18th birthday. My aunt and I share a lot of different interests, including gambling, good luck charms and magic. I am really superstitious and I love the MAGIC slot machine at Slotland. Actually, I am pretty picky about my games and after playing at Slotland for a while, I found three games which attracted me the most: Golden 8, MAGIC and Booster. Of all the games, these act most like a classic slot machine, but with something extra. (Honestly, I found the Heavy Metal game too challenging, having to make a decision after each spin... I prefer games where I can spin as quickly as possible!)."

"I am a college student in my second year, and of course, my budget is tight. But each month, I budget $50 to play in Slotland and I usually do pretty well. Some times I lose it all, but several times I have cashed in more than $200 (one time I cashed in over $500 on a $50 deposit!), so I think I have stayed ahead of the game. Most importantly, I always tell myself that this is entertainment, and not a retirement plan!"

"My 21st birthday was earlier in September and I had received some money from family as birthday gifts. My wonderful aunt sent me $100, and I knew that she would not at all mind if I used it at Slotland. So this month, I deposited $100 instead of my standard $50. Little did I know what this gift would do for me!"

"All during the month of September, I was able to play at Slotland, thanks to that $100 gift. In fact, after a week of playing, I was able to cash in my $100 deposit and I still had over $200 to play with (which was not normal; usually, I just cash in everything I have won, but since it was my birthday gift, I thought I would stretch my good luck!)."

"I knew that another promotional weekend was due to arrive, and I wanted to be able to get some bonuses, so earlier in the week I set a goal: reach either $500 at Slotland and cash out or lose it all (I had been having such a fun month at Slotland, I couldn't feel like a loser at all, even if I got down to zero!). That way I would be able to make a new deposit and get a promotional bonus the following weekend."

"This may sound crazy, but for the first time ever, I found it hard to either lose all my money or get up to my $500 goal. By Tuesday, I still had over $300 left and I had been playing for hours! I kept bouncing around between Golden 8 and MAGIC (my two favorite games) and slowly building my bankroll."

"Unfortunately, with school starting up again, I had other obligations that forced me to stay off the Internet until Thursday afternoon. I decided then and there that I was going to get up to $500 and I consulted my astrology charts. They said that it was supposed to be a good day for me and money, so I thought I had nothing to lose (well, I KNEW I had nothing to lose, as I was working on pure profits anyway!). It also said something about finding magical moments during this day, so of course I took this as a sign that I should play MAGIC."

"So I logged into my account and immediately went to MAGIC. Yes, my astrology chart seemed right! I was finding some great combinations along with some impressive wins. I got myself up to over $450 and I just knew that I was going to cash in my goal of $500! "

"Then came my magic moment! I was sure that within another 20 or so spins I would go over the $500 milestone. First, I lined up 4 scrolls, which paid out $500 on my maximum bet of $2 per line! I was well over $500 now, but having so much fun (and feeling so lucky) that I decided to keep playing until I went down to $600 (which was still $100 over my goal). It could not have been more than 10 more spins when I saw FIVE planets scroll across the third payline!"

"You don't know what it feels like to feel rich all of a sudden! I stared at the announcement that I won, looked at my account balance (over $112,000 in it, since I had more than $700 in my account when I won the jackpot) and then let out a scream of joy! My roommate came running in to see what was the matter and when I showed her, she screamed too!"

"I said earlier that gambling was only entertainment and not a retirement plan. Well, I have changed my tune since this win! First off, I sent my aunt a special early Christmas gift of $1,000 as a special thank you for introducing me to Slotland! I have also paid off my student loans and my college education is now fully funded!"

"Thank you Slotland for giving me the chance to change my life for the better; I knew it was a magical place to play!", said the lucky winner.

What a great story! We thank KANNONBELL for sharing her excitement and wish her well in her schooling!

Source: $lotland

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