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Norma R. Wins $12,604.87 Jackpot On Wow Pot Progressive Slot In August.

Norma R Norma R. won $12,604.87 on Wow Pot on August 16, 2005 at Jackpot City online casino. Lucky jackpot winner is going to start her own business now. This is what she said in the interview with Jackpot Madness manager:

Did anything unusual happen the day that you hit the jackpot?
"No, I was at home waiting for my husband to come home from work."

What was your initial reaction when you won?
"I just looked at my computer for about five minutes until I realized I actually won the jackpot!"

How will you spend your winnings?
"I'm planning on buying my husband a new car."

How long were you playing before you hit the jackpot?
"Would you believe only 10 minutes!"

What piece of advice has most helped you through life?
"Don't let anything ever get in your way happiness, and go for the gold."

What do you do for good luck?
"I believe in myself and play with good feelings."

What is your dream holiday destination?
"My dream holiday would be to have all my family together for one day and enjoy each other."

Tell us something you have always wanted to do and regret not doing. Will this win help you accomplish this?
"I've always wanted to start a business of my own, and now [after winning a jackpot] I think I'll give it a try."

If you were stranded on a deserted island what 3 things would you take with you?
"I'd take my photo album, notebook, and camera so I can keep memories of everything that happens so that I can share stories with my family."

What is your ultimate goal in life?
"My ultimate goal is be the best person I can be."

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
"I'm married with 3 kids, 4 grandkids, and not working at this time due to an injury."

Wow Pot is 3 reel slot machine that is now available in new 5 reel 15 payline version. WowPot online progressive slot has paid out $133,483.38 to a total of 10 jackpot winners in August.

Source: Jackpot Madness

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