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T.F. deposited $1 and won $25,355 on Mega Moolah in January 2016. Heres the chat he had with VIP ho.

mega moolah win

Visitor: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH Jane. I have never won anything!

Jane: How are you feeling right now?

Visitor: I dropped my phone in shock as I have never won anything like this before! I am still in shock now and surprised. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE TEAM at Zodiac Casino - I feel truly blessed!

Jane: Did you have any strategy when you started playing?

Visitor: My strategy was just bet the highest I could as I only had a dollar to lose

Jane: So why Mega Moolah? Why did you choose that game?

Visitor: An ad popped up on Facebook saying to claim 80 Free Spins, I deposited $1 and got credited a bonus $20 on top.

Jane: You already know what you will do with the winnings?

Visitor: I can now give my parents the beautiful holiday they long dreamed for and put money aside for my daughters schooling!

Jane: Did you have a feeling you were going to win that day? A sixth sense maybe?

Visitor: Noooo wayyyy! I just thought, why not give it a go, its only a dollar?

Jane: Do you have any tips or tricks to give other players? How to win big?

Visitor: If youre going to play it and have the bonus credit added to your balance, play high and take a risk, its only a dollar that you will lose out on.

Jane: Who do you plan to tell first? Your daughter?

Visitor: I will not tell her but surprise her with an adventure and new things for her sporting and dancing activities

Jane: How nice. :)

Visitor: I will most likely transfer money to my mums account and wait for them to call once they see it. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN FROM ME AND MY FAMILY! Nothing can be more amazing then what I already feel ?

Jane: :D One final line: Could you please complete this sentence: "Zodiac Casino....."


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