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Slotland Casino Player BOGUSKA Tells Her Story About Winnings On Jacks Or Better Video Poker.

jacksorbetter Slotland online casino has already reported about 5 progressive jackpot winners in 2006: one in early January and two in March and two more in May. At the rate that the jackpots have been hitting this year, it can surely be any time before the next one breaks... be sure to be there when it happens! Meanwhile, there are a lot of smaller winners every day. Here we want to provide an outstanding and almost unbelievable video poker winner story, submitted by Slotland's player BOGUSKA:

"I had played all weekend on a promotional bonus and had lost quite a bit of money. Whatever I had tried just wasn't hitting. I gave up leaving $1 in my account."

"A few days later, I wanted to see what the jackpot was up to. I logged in and of course got the urge to play, but did not want to deposit any more money into my account at this time. I went over to Booster to see if I could collect anything from the 10% fund but it wasn't much, only $24, so I took the 10% anyway, which gave me $2.25. Now I had a total of $3.25. I thought I'll just pop a couple of tries, so I went to Jacks or Better, my favorite, and I bet $0.50 and got nothing. But the next $0.50 bet gave me a full house! So now that I had $6.75, I went to $1 bets and hit another full house, giving me a total of $14.75. Then I thought, this thing might be hot, so I went to a $3 bet and hit 4 of a kind and was at $86.75!"

"But I didn't stop there! I went to $5 bets and hit a few good ones, including another 4 of a kind, now giving me a total of $285.75. The next few tries produced nothing and I thought, time to stop, I'll save the remaining money and play later. And then something just said to me, go for it, you started out with $1, you have $200, keep playing, if you lose it, you lose it. I kept betting $5 when all of a sudden, it started hitting again, giving me several good amounts and then a big one, $250 on a straight flush. By the time it all came to an end, I had $620 in my account from a $1 start!"

"I couldn't believe it, who would ever have thought that $1 could get you anywhere, never mind $600. Just goes to show you, you can never tell when Slotland will shock you and where it can take you. Who knows, maybe my next $1 will produce the jackpot for me. All I know is that I've learned to never doubt the unexpected from Slotland! Thank you Slotland for the most exciting play!"

This is an incredible story of how persistance and following your hunch pays off at $lotland! Our congratulations to BOGUSKA for following her instincts! The casino has deposited extra $1,000 to her player account. We trust this winner story inspires others to never give up!

Source: Slotland online casino

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