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Another Winner Story From Slotland's Player DIANE35 Who Won Playing Jacks or Better Video Poker.

jacksorbetter As the New Year has been running Slotland online casino is still waiting for its first progressive jackpot winner of 2007. Despite the lack of the big winners during the last 10 days, the online casino staff continues to receive great winner stories from many players. We are happy to share a winner story from Slotland casino player DIANE35 about her small but remarkable wins on video poker:

"I have been playing at Slotland for 6 years now and have had a few heart stopping moments when I thought I might be about to hit the Jackpot while betting $10 on the Jacks or Better Game. My favorite games are the Video Poker games (Jacks or Better, Striking Sevens, and the Wildheart game). Although I have had good wins over the years (once I won $1,000), this win, although not as big, was a fun one."

"A few days ago I had deposited $75 over a couple of days playing Jacks or Better and had not been successful in getting many winning hands and couldn't seem to even get over $50 when I was done again. After my third deposit had went up to around $40 and I had lost back down to around $6, I decided to leave it until the next day to see if I could build it back up again", continued the winner.

"I started the next morning and was hitting small hands to start with, two pairs, three of a kinds and such. Since the hands were coming pretty close I decided to try a few $3 hands and immediately hit a four of a kind! Then I went to $5 and hit another four of a kind right behind it! I now was up to $360! After that I started dropping and was back down to $300, so I quit for the day."

"The next day I came back and hit four of kind betting $10, which now put me up to $600! I finally withdrew $500! Even though it wasn't a huge win, I really had a fun 2 days. A very nice Christmas present just 2 weeks before Christmas!", added DIANE35.

Congratulations to DIANE35! Who knows how to play her cards for all they are worth! Time and time again, we receive stories of players who seem to reach impossible low points, only to boost theirselves back with bold betting! As a VIP Player, DIANE35 has been given $1,000 prize for her enthusiastic and inspiring tale of winning!

About Jacks or Better
Jacks or Better is a popular classic video poker game at Slotland with shared progressive jackpot that is currently over $62,000.00. Hit Royal Flush when you bet max $10 per hand in order to win a progressive jackpot (largest ever win is over $135K). We recommend you betting the max $10 in order to have the best odds and chances to win big progressive.

Source: Slotland Online Casino

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