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K.M. won CA$38,226 on Mega Moolah at Captain Cooks Casino in March 2016.

mega moolah slot

I feel great! I decided to play and see if I could come into a little bit of extra money; times are tough and things have not been too good around here for the last year.

The sounds and features of the game are what make Mega Moolah so much fun to play. Seeing the Mega Moolah wheel come down is very exciting. I thought it was going to land on the $10 section but it didnt! It was very shocking, the wife doesnt believe me. She keeps saying, "Its not real!"

My tips and tricks for others players? Positive thinking! Ive won a few things in my life with that attitude! There is some luck involved, but ultimately if you dont play, you cant win.

I dont play at any casino except Captain Cooks Casino now! Thanks for my chance to win a fortune!

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