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First Jackpot Winner Of 2006 At Slotland Casino Tells His Story.

Player COWGYRLGHOST won $155,917 while playing Striking Sevens on January 12 at Slotland online casino. This is the second largest jackpot in Slotland history, but certainly not a bad start for 2006. Here what COWGYRLGHOST has to say about this fantastic win:

" am sure you have heard other jackpot winners say that they never thought it would be them to win it, but in my case, it is really true! I am pretty sure that most of your jackpot winners are high rollers, but I am not in a position to be that type of player. So whenever I read a jackpot winner story, I think to myself that it would be nice to have that kind of money to chase the impossible dream of the Slotland jackpot! "

"Basically, I am a poor player, who rarely can afford to deposit more than $50, and usually no more than once a month. In the event that I do well, I cash out and may deposit once more in the same month, but that is a rarity (not cashing out, but making a second deposit!). Also, I like a long playing time, so I am rarely playing maximum bets, which pretty much puts me out of the running for the jackpot."

"Generally I love card games, so when Striking Sevens was introduced a couple of years ago, I was in hog heaven! I like the Jacks or Better and the Wild Hearts games as well, but I really love getting wild cards, which I can get in Striking Sevens. Usually when I make my deposit, I start with small bets among these three games. Normally, I start with Jacks or Better for a few rounds, then move on to Wild Hearts for a little bit and finish off with Striking Sevens."

"I must say that my first deposit of 2006 was a lucky deposit! First off, my $50 became $100 when I won a 100% Deposit Delights bonus! I have been pretty lucky in the past with the Deposit Delights, and it always extends my playing time greatly! Having doubled my money before even starting to play, I decided to break my regular pattern and go straight to Striking Sevens. Usually, I play the $1 bet limit (with $50, this limit gives me tons of playing time), but with such a good start to 2006 I decided to go with the flow of my luck and jump my wagers to $3 per hand."

"Now I am not one to believe in instinct, but following my gut really paid off this time! Within the first 20 hands, I was dealt 3 out of the 4 Wild Sevens; I of course held the 3 Sevens and clapped and stomped the floor when the fourth Seven was dealt out to me! All of a sudden, I had over $650 in my account! I have won 4 Sevens a couple of other times, but always when playing $1, so to see a $600 win instead $200 was like a dream come true! "

"I admit that this win got me a little giddy, because before I gave myself time to consider the foolishness of losing back this tidy little win, I bumped my bets to maximum. I figured that 20 hands at $10 per hand would still leave me with over $400 and who knows maybe I would get another 4 Sevens at max bets!"

"My first three hands were junk and my heart was beginning to pound pretty hard, while my head was screaming at me to stop and cash in my chips. I steadied myself and decided to stick with my decision to play out 20 hands at max bets. The next three hands were pretty good and got me back to my starting balance, so I calmed down a bit. I was actually using the fingers on my hands to count out the deals, because I really did not want to wager more than $200 in maximum bets!"

"It was the 16th hand that did it for me. And boy was my heart REALLY pounding when I saw an Ace, King, Queen and 10 of Hearts dealt out to me! I knew the odds were clearly against me, but I was sure enjoying the thrill of the game by this time. And when that Jack of Hearts was dealt to me, I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I looked at my account, where just a few minutes ago I was so proud of the $600 plus balance, only to see an astounding $156,000 PLUS balance!"

"The crazy thing about this win is that I had really convinced myself that small players such as me never win the big one, so my mind was more on trying to push my $600 up to over $1,000 but not to win over $155,000! "

"I have decided to take a month off from work (I have a lot of accumulated sick leave, so I am not going to quit just yet!) to decide what to do with this wonderful windfall! I had recently transferred from California to beautiful Wyoming partly to get back to nature but also to cut my cost of living! I had reduced my mortgage payments by getting a wonderful house in a smaller town (and a cheaper state!), but now those payments will be zero when I pay off that mortgage! And that will still leave me plenty of money to decide how else I should treat myself!"

"Thank you Slotland for making a small player feel like a big winner!" said the lucky winner.

It is always encouraging to see how others win the big one. As you can see from this success story, you do not necessarily need to be a big spender to take home the coveted jackpot!

Source: Slotland

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