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Slotland's Monthly Winner Story Of Wild Heart Video Poker Player.

wildheart In addition to yet another jackpot winner of $76,675 progressive jackpot, Slotland online casino has another monthly winner story from GREG121414:

"WOW!! I got the four wild sevens twice within a week of each other!!"

"I have been wondering for quite a while if I would ever see the four wild sevens. Well, one night while betting only $5, I was dealt a diamond flush with three wild sevens. I threw away the two cards and drew another 7 for $1000 - BOY WAS I EXCITED!! I have had many three wild sevens that became royal or straight flushes, but this was my first 4 wild sevens!"

"The next morning I had a straight flush dealt to me. Then later I drew holding one wild seven and got a royal flush. There are a lot of gambling sites with more games and fancier graphics but I only play at Slotland now! In an age where it is hard to trust people online, especially gambling sites, Slotland is foremost with customer service, withdrawals, individual communication and awesome bonuses!!"

"Now here is the rest of this amazing story. About a week after my four wild sevens win, I was playing a bit and stopped to go get a snack. I was wondering how long it would be to see the four wild sevens again. When I started playing again about two draws into it I was dealt three wild sevens and a face card for a hopeful royal flush. Well, I decided to throw both cards and sure enough I was given the fourth wild seven AGAIN!!! This time with a $10 bet - I had to print out the screen when it said $2000 HAS BEEN ADDED TO YOUR CASH BALANCE!!!"

"Thank you SLOTLAND and maybe my next letter will be about winning the JACKPOT!!!"

It's a pleasure to hear about hot winning streaks such as was just shared above! Congratulations go to GREG121414 for trusting his gut and reaching for the stars! Slotland casino has deposited $1,000 to his player account (as VIP players get DOUBLE the bonus!) and trust this winner story encourages others to go for the glory and then share the story of success with the rest of us!

Source: Slotland online casino

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