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Fourth Jackpot Of The Year At Slotland Casino Was Hit By Player CHEWEMUP.

Lucky slots player CHEWEMUP became Slotland's fourth jackpot winner of the year 2006, by capturing $97,179 while playing Striking Sevens video slot on May 2. That's the second time this new slots game of Slotlad online casino has hit the jackpot this year! We were able to catch up with CHEWEMUP to hear how this came about. Here is his story about this remarkable win:

"This is my second time around as a Slotland member. Back in 2000 or 2001, I joined up for the first time and I really enjoyed the experience. I played for about a year, but then financial circumstances forced me to stop (actually, I lost my job!). It took me a couple of years to get back on track and when I finally got my finances in better shape last year, I thought I would take another stab at Slotland."

"The first thing I noticed was that Slotland had gone through a lot of changes since I last was a member. New games were added and the newsletter format was much classier and more fun, with the chance to win cash prizes for reading the newsletter! However, with all of the good changes, one thing had not changed, and that was the fun and excitement of the games that Slotland has for me! "

"Back when I first joined the casino, my favorite game was Wild Heart [progressive video poker game with shared jackpot]. loved the graphics and I love poker games, so this was a perfect match up for me. When I joined up again, I found that a new game, Striking Sevens, was added and it was a perfect fit for me. I remembered reading that someone had won the jackpot earlier this year on this same game, so I wasn't expecting a jackpot. I was really hoping just for a nice big win, such as 4 wild 7's across the board."

"I usually bounce back and forth between the card games, unless I do really well, which is when I play Treasure Box [another popular video slots game at Slotland online casino] with my extra winnings. I have done pretty well on Treasure Box, but I guess I just like the idea that I can make the difference with the card games, by holding the proper cards. But when the cards simply fall my way over and over (which has happened more than once at Slotland!), I figure that I am on a lucky roll and it is probably a good time to try the riskier and more rewarding slots. Twice in the past year, I have doubled my deposit by playing the card games, and then I have doubled that win again by playing Treasure Box. So I love the slots as well, but I guess you would have to say that I am a careful gambler!"

"Well, this last time out, I never got a chance to try Treasure Box. In fact, all I ended up playing was Striking Sevens, since it took less than 1 hour to win the jackpot after I had logged in and made my deposit! I placed $200 into my account, having some spare time and change on my hands. I think this is the smartest deposit I have ever made in my life!"

"I was really praying for 4 wild sevens and I really felt that the time was ripe for a fat win for me. So I just went full-bore and started making maximum bets. I knew that with my $200 starting bankroll, and how the cards usually fell at Slotland, that this would last me quite a while. I had decided that once my balance fell below $100, I would re-evaluate my situation. I was also prepared from past experience to just end up fairly well even after hours of play, because that too has happened quite a few times in the past."

"Sometimes, I almost feel mesmerized by the flow of the play, where some small wins fall pretty regularly, enough to keep my balance wavering between $150 and $250. That was the way it was going this time, but I was relaxed and enjoying myself, and I really wanted some good play time, so I wasn't complaining. In fact, it was feeling like everything was going to plan, for my theory is that the longer you can play, the more likely a big win will fall your way."

"What can I say, but the big win fell my way! In fact, I am glad I was sitting, because I have no doubt that I would have fallen in a big way myself! I have never seen anything so simple or astounding; I was dealt a Royal Flush, while praying for 4 wild sevens! And in that instant, the idea of chasing 4 wild sevens seemed so trivial and cheap, I could only laugh at myself. I guess it goes to show that when you least expect it, great things happen!"

"I have some big plans for this money. First off, I am finally going to travel outside of the United States! I am applying for my passport and while I am waiting for it to be issued, I am studying a map of the world. This is so much fun, almost as fun as winning the jackpot. Please notice that I said "almost" because nothing will ever match the fun of seeing a jackpot fall into my lap! Thanks Slotland for the most memorable experience of my life! "

It is encouraging to learn of players who have left and returned later to again become a winner again at Slotland. Congratulations to CHEWEMUP!

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